Welcome to Pigeon Lake Protective Services

Pigeon Lake Protective Services patrols the summer villages of Silver Beach and Sundance Beach. Our office is located at the Sundance Beach Community Center, #47 Lakeshore Drive in the Summer Village of Sundance Beach.

NOTE: Annual permanent road bans are in effect for the Summer Village of Sundance Beach and Silver Beach which are currently posted at 75% axle weight allowance.  

Carriers/Contractors requiring municipal road permits must contact RoaData @ 1-888-444-9288.



Did You Know?

12. Did You Know........transporting liquor in a vehicle when the liquor is within easy access of any occupant in that vehicle is illegal? Fine is $115. Consuming liquor in a vehicle is also not permitted. Whether or not a vehicle is parked or operating on a highway, no occupants may consume liquor inside the vehicle. Fine is $287. Did you also know using/consuming liquor in a public/unauthorized place is prohibited? An individual may not consume liquor in a public place or be intoxicated. Fine is $115. Being intoxicated in a public place is also an arrest able offense.

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