Welcome to Pigeon Lake Protective Services

Pigeon Lake Protective Services patrols the summer villages of Silver Beach and Sundance Beach. Our office is located at the Sundance Beach Community Center, #47 Lakeshore Drive in the Summer Village of Sundance Beach.

NOTE: Annual permanent road bans are in effect for the Summer Village of Sundance Beach and Silver Beach which are currently posted at 75% axle weight allowance.  

Carriers/Contractors requiring municipal road permits must contact RoaData @ 1-888-444-9288.



Did You Know?

5. Did You Know........ a recreational vehicle combination unit, for example a truck/pull type trailer, must also have their safety chains crossed/ hooked up properly with the electric brakes break away cable hooked up to the towing vehicle? The electric brakes and break away system should also be tested for proper operation prior to travel. A non-operational break away system will result in having the trailer removed from the highway. Fines start at $233.

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