Pigeon Lake Protective Services Monthly Traffic Safety Focus For 2018

January: Intersection Safety, Winter Driving

February: Distracted Driving, Winter Driving, Intersection Safety

March: Occupant Restraints, Aggressive Drivers, Intersection Safety

April: Speed, Aggressive Drivers, Intersection Safety, Motorcycles

May: Motorcycles, Off Highway Vehicles, Intersection Safety, Speed

June: Commercial Vehicle/Passenger Vehicle Fitness, Intersection Safety, Motorcycles

July: Motorcycles, Off Highway Vehicles, Intersection Safety, Speed

August: Distracted Driving, Aggressive Drivers, Intersection Safety

September: Speed, Intersection Safety, Pedestrian Safety

October: Occupant Restraints, Pedestrian Safety, Intersection Safety

November: Pedestrian Safety, Occupant Restraints, Winter Driving, Intersection Safety

December: Intersection Safety, Winter Driving, Distracted Driving

Did You Know?

4. Did You Know........ speed is a contributing factor to collisions? Leave yourself extra time and arrive alive. The fines start at $78 and hold demerit points.

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