What Do We Do?

Pigeon Lake Protective Services focus is Public Safety and Infrastructure Protection. Our Department achieves this through public awareness, education and enforcement. Areas of patrols include selected Summer Villages providing investigative services addressing complaints and concerns from the public. Peace Officers are appointed by the Alberta Solicitor General under the Peace Officer Act and as a Municipal Enforcement Officer under Municipal Government Act. Duties included are, but not limited to;
*Vehicle patrols;
*Foot patrols;
*Bike patrols;
*Investigate complaints/concerns within selected Provincial and Municipal Bylaw statutes;
*Commercial/Passenger vehicle compliance checks including vehicle weights and measures;
*Certified NASI CVSA Level 1 Inspector & Dangerous Goods Inspector;
*Permanent road ban monitoring including issuing and approving haul permits/road use agreements;
*Vacant residence checks
Should you have a concern or wish to speak to a Peace Officer please contact our
Office at 780-389-3927

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Did You Know?

11. Did You Know.......riding in the bed of a truck, or outside of a drivers/passengers cabin of a vehicle, is illegal and unsafe? Towing someone behind/on an object such as a skateboard is also unsafe and illegal. Fine is $155.

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